Nursing: Expectations versus Realities

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The number of people looking at a nursing program has doubled in recent years.  However, with news of there being a shortage of qualified nurses, it has called a lot of average people into becoming a qualified nurse.  Of course, this is just a fantastic career because it allows someone to give back to the community but many aren’t prepared for what comes with nursing.  What are the expectations of nursing and what are the realities of nursing?

Nursing Is Simple Because Doctors Do the Hard Work

This is an expectation a lot of people assume when they think about nursing.  Thousands think the doctors are the only people who do all the hard work and that the nurses can come along every so often to change a bed pan when in reality that isn’t true.  Nurses work hard and work alongside doctors to help treat patients but they also do their share of the hard work.  Online RN to BSN programs will show any potential nurse what exactly comes with the job – and that does include hard work.

Nursing Can Be Tough and Heartbreaking

One of the biggest reality checks for any nurse to face in the medical world is that the job gets to them emotionally.  Nurses can and will get emotionally involved with patients no matter how hard they try not to but it’s hard to avoid becoming emotionally attached to someone they are looking after.  Any nurse can find it heartbreaking and tough when their patients die or when something devastating happens to them.  It’s horrible but it’s the reality of nursing.

Everything Can Be Solved

A lot of people expect doctors and nurses to be able to solve every medical problem but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.  Doctors don’t know everything, just like nurses and at times, they do their best but cannot save everyone.  It’s one of the worst realities of nursing but it’s the truth because patients just need something that cannot be given.  Doctors and nurses do their best to save patients and find ways to cure them but isn’t always possible.

Nursing Involves Constant Studies

Time changes and newer medicines and medical procedures are found which means more learning.  Unfortunately in nursing it means constantly learning and refreshing medical knowledge with a nursing program.  Nurses who have been in the medical world for twenty years continually to update their medical knowledge to ensure their patients get everything they deserve.  Medical practices change and, just like doctors, nurses have to adapt to the new procedures too.

No Mistakes Are Made

One of the most common expectations in the nursing professional has to be nothing is to be missed.  Millions of people including a few nurses can believe doctors and indeed nurses are perfect and that they will never make a mistake.  Unfortunately mistakes happen even in medicine and when it happens, it’s terrible but it does happen.  No one intentionally sets out to make a mistake and cause harm but it does happen even to the best medical professionals.

Nursing Isn’t Just a Job

The reality that hits most nurses quickly in the professional is, nursing isn’t just another job.  Nursing is much more than seeing to patients and making sure their blood pressure is stable; it’s not easy to leave work and not think about the people being left in hospital.  Nurses can find it hard to go when their shifts end because they are attached to the people they’re treating.  Online RN to BSN programs can help many nurses change their ideas of nursing.

Expectations and Realities Will Always Change

To be honest, most people have certain expectations about nursing and never change their thoughts.  However, a lot of training nurses don’t actually know the realities of nursing until they have been working as a nurse for a short while.  Sometimes, the reality hit harder than the expectations especially when working in the medical field.  Nurses do a lot of good but sometimes, the expectations and realities are clouded.