Nursing Resume Specialists

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Meet your source for anything related to resumes by nurses, and for nurses. With over 300 000 nurses graduating every year here in Canada, competition is stiff for new jobs, and it is important to stand out, to be one step above the rest. We offer advice on how to prepare a professional looking nursing resume, as well as how the directors of nursing, who do the hiring in hospitals, long term care facilities, and health agencies, read between the lines to find the right candidate to fill their needs.

This is why we have launched this site – to serve the nursing profession with unbiased, thorough, up to date information about nursing resumes and the Canadian nursing arena. It will provide professionals looking for a nursing position, as well as those who are hiring nurses with valuable tools to help make the nursing resume look polished and refined, and make it easier to find the best candidate for the position.

Nursing resume writing experts will share advice as well as sample resumes that will get candidates their first interview, and related health resources experts will explain what they look for in a nursing resume. In addition, nursing professionals will discuss how to carefully read a nursing resume to make sure that the candidate is indeed suited for the nursing job that he or she is applying for, as well as giving tips and advice on how to land the perfect nursing job. Our nursing resume writers can not only offer their expertise, but they can also handcraft you a professional nursing CV. Of course, every great resume starts with an outstanding cover letter, and we’ve got you covered there too!

Nursing Resume Specialists

Soon, we’ll feature articles from nursing recruiters, who will guide you through their specialty, whether it’s trauma, oncology, IV therapy, registered practical nursing, a visiting nurse working in a local health agency, or in hospice. We can help you with nursing interview preparations, and provide tips to get you through it. Another important aspect of this site is to discuss the best way to negotiate salary requirements, and to incorporate any specialized training you have received, especially if you’ve gone back to school to take an associated degree, and work it into your nursing resume. We will also feature informative articles related to modern and ancient history of the nursing profession, for instance the role of a nurse back in the early nineteen hundreds, and how she evolved into today’s professional nurse.

This is your centre for information about everything that has to do with the nursing resume, with information and advice from those who write professionally – and read – the professional nursing resume, presented in a clear, concise manner so that our site visitors can find out everything they need to know in order to succeed at finding and hiring for all nursing jobs. Whether you are about to graduate with a degree in nursing, and are about to write your first resume, we can help get you pointed in the right direction. Whether you are an advanced nursing professional who is in the process of considering nursing jobs that have been offered by a nursing recruiter, or whether you are charged with facilitating the right candidate to fill one or more nursing jobs, our experts provide you with the information and guidance you need to succeed when composing, editing, reading or otherwise dealing with the nursing resume. Need help choosing the right nursing qualities? You’ve come to the right place.